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Finding the Best Places to Have Good Wine in Las Vegas

See who received a Wine Spectator Award

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Swirl it, spot it, smell it and then taste it. When a glass tells you a story of vines and hand picked memories you know you have a good bottle of wine. Las Vegas has plenty of options when it comes to good wine and you could spend months trying them all. This is a list of some of the better ones. Wine Spectator magazine has a great list of award winners and here are a few of them.

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1. Aureole at Mandalay Bay

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
A Grand Award winner again and they are very deserving. A tower of wine compliments a fabulous menu that includes entrees that will have you longing to make your way back. Charlie Palmer entices you with high quality cuisine.

2. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Not the best list in town but most likely the best dining experience. The wine is spectacular and the food is what the perfect meal tastes like.  If you don't have an extraordinary time here, you might be dead inside.

3. Delmonico at the Venetian Hotel

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
One of four restaurants in Las Vegas with the highest of standards according to Wine Spectator. Emeril Legasse can deliver a life changing steak and I can easily ponder the process by which the glass of Barolo on my table has undergone change in the comfortable dining room at Delmonico.

4. D. Vino at Monte Carlo

I like this place because I can drink wine by the ounce but I like it even better because it is affordable. Not cheap, but not outrageously expensive either.  A decent menu and some wines that you will not find on the Las Vegas strip.

5. Picasso at Bellagio Las Vegas

Courtesy of MGM Mirage
Wine Spectator Grand Award winner Picasso offers amazing food but the highlight for me is the Spanish wines. I fall in love with the chemistry of the Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes on a regular basis. A proper Rioja can get me to do almost anything and my wife is clearly aware of that. It is not uncommon for her to put me into a Spanish wine coma and then show up with three new pairs of shoes. Surround yourself with great art and delight yourself with a fabulous menu at Picasso.

6. Enoteca Otto at the Venetian

I always tell people about Enoteca San Marcos because I just enjoy the atmosphere.  Yes, I love the by the glass selections especially because they cater to my Northern Italian favorites but the food is good and the setting makes me want to linger all day long.

7. Bradley Ogden at Caesars Palace

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
A Best of Award of excellence winner Bradley Ogden entices you with good, fresh food that goes well with the California wines they pour. What impresses me about Bradley Ogden is that when I leave the restaurant I feel like I have not blown my diet. Sure, I probably have had as much as I can eat and a few bottle have been opened but I always feel great. Go figure.

8. Fix at Bellagio Hotel

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
Fix is hip and a bit trendy and it is exactly what you usually do not find in a place that has a great list from which to select your wine. However, they do a great job with just under 300 choices in a cellar of both old and new world selections. I'll admit, I enjoy meals at the bar while sampling from a few bottles but the dining room is open and has a comfortable atmosphere.
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